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Bachata Dancing and Some of Bachata Styles we Teach
Bachata, a romantic and passionate style of dance that
originated in the Dominican Republic, and is probably the
most popular kind of Latin dance in the United States, and
especially in New York City today.
Bachata is danced to the bachata music, a popular guitar
music from the Dominican Republic, very romantic and often
sad, based on the bolero rhythm, that came to life in the early
parts of the 20th Century and spread to other parts of
America and to Europe.

Just like
Salsa, Bachata is normally a lead & follow (freestyle)
partner dance, based on a three-step with a Cuban hip
motion, followed by a hip tap on the 4th beat. The movement
of the hips is very important, and  the dancers typically move
with bent knees to sway the hips easier.
Although there is a lot of body movement in
Bachata dancing,
it is simpler than
Salsa, with less shines and lifts, and very
simple and infrequent turns.

There are many different styles, or interpretations of
Dominican, the original
bachata dance,
Traditional, which is very close to the Dominican style,
Modern, with
Salsa and Ballroom elements.
The most popular
Bachata style is the Traditional style, with a
frame similar to the
salsa frame, basic steps moving side to
side or on the spot, close connection with a partner, soft hip
movements and a tap with a small "pop" with the hip on the
4th beat, with dips, and infrequent shines and turns.
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